Below you’ll find loads of info about me and how I came to be doing what it is I do! My blog is basically a bit of space for me to keep track of my thoughts, ideas, collaborations or projects that I’m currently working on. Feel free to browse through and comment if anything interesting catches your eye! 🙂

my love for textiles and the exploration of different media is what makes all the pieces in my collections exquisitely unique – I aim to create garments for those who love to look good & feel confident while expressing their individuality and creativity. working with eccentric prints, knit, hand embellishment and slightly unconventional fabrics, I strive to create wearable & exclusive garments which stretch the boundaries of conventional design and pattern cutting.

working out the technical aspects of garments was what initially sparked my interest in fashion – this developed when I studied textiles at A-level and grew even further during my degree at De Montfort University – I found I also loved experimenting with fabrics and textures and with this experimentation my interest grew to a passion – during my time studying in Leicester, I was able to learn a lot about my strengths, helping me to establish my own signature as a designer.

my love for pattern cutting is what drives me and I always enjoy taking on new challenges and projects. I offer professional pattern cutting and sample manufacture services for both womenswear and childrenswear at brilliant competitive rates; see my work at http://www.freziaalnisazaraat.co.uk


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