Brush me up the right way…

As we all know; the weather here in England is never guaranteed to be sunshine and blue skies – especially as we quickly roll into autumn. Wednesday was one of the those days, I woke; looked out the window and planned the outfit for the day – it wasn’t bright but it wasn’t raining either and as I had a few meetings with buyers and clients lined up – I decided to throw caution to the wind and wear my new suede boots (yes. I know super adventurous(!)). 

Long story, short – it rained. My boots got wet and just a little bit ruined. Now usually, I’m not fussed about things like this- but these boots were one of those “I have to own these boots” kind of purchases AND they were new. 


The wet wet boots

The evening involved a few hours with my good old friend Google; trying to work out whether this really was the end of my boots. Apparently I needed a suede brush and all my problems would be solved. Problem was; two days later and I couldn’t find a suede brush on the high street or anywhere in the shops near work.

Time to be a little innovative; the alternative solution was a toothbrush (I probably wouldn’t recommend using a used one – traces of toothpaste and all that – I went for a cheap new one). A few minutes of brushing the nap on my boots and voila – my boots look new again! I’m a happy bunny and all is right in the world again… (Well, almost!)


Et voila! Almost as good as new!


Et voila! Almost as good as new!

Moral of the story; if you have suede boots or shoes that have got a bit of water discolouration, try brushing the nap with a soft bristle brush first. If that doesn’t work, then here’s a few helpful links I found during my (slightly panicked!) search. 

Top Cleaning Secrets

How to Clean Things


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